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Automated Testing

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Benefits of Automated Testing

When implementing third party software, updating the systems or implementing a completely new WMS there are always risks when you first go live, such as data migration errors, software bugs, or inefficient processes. To help reduce these common pain points, we have assembled a team of experts at Prime Horizon Group to provide a comprehensive and robust automated testing solution in partnership with Cycle Labs. 

A smooth go-live is not a luxury; it is a necessity. It is the result of meticulous planning and intricate testing techniques. We can assist with all aspects of your testing regime, from crafting the initial test strategy to offering a fully managed service. 

By Implementing Automated Testing


Reduction In Support Tickets


Reduction In Manual Testing


Increase In Production Volume

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How Automated Testing Helps You

At Prime Horizon Group we have a skilled team of test managers and test analysts available to support your operations no matter how bespoke your Warehouse Management System may be. We can provide a wide range of automated testing solutions such as:

Unit Testing During the software development process, the smallest testable components of an application, known as units, are examined individually to ensure they function correctly. 

System Integration Testing – Also referred to as SIT, this is a form of software testing that enables software developers and engineers to assess the interactions among various modules within a single, integrated system. 

User Acceptance Testing – Evaluating the software in a "real-world" setting enables us to assess the WMS for its designated purpose and target audience. 

Performance Testing - Evaluating how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability. Typically executed to determine speed, robustness, reliability, and application size. 

By completing a rigorous testing regime, we can ensure that your WMS system will run both smoothly and effectively. Automated testing helps cut down excess costs, improve the speed of operations, and rapidly maximises the utility of your WMS. 

Reading Test Results

Ongoing Support and Long-term Partnership 

In addition to our automated testing services, Prime Horizon Group offers ongoing support and maintenance post-go-live, ensuring that your WMS continues to operate at peak efficiency. Our commitment doesn’t end at the launch; we believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. This includes continuous monitoring for potential issues, regular updates to keep up with evolving technological trends, and dedicated 24/7 support to handle any queries or challenges that arise. 

PHG Skills & What We Provide

Our team of test analysts will dive deep into your WMS system's requirements, craft tailored test scripts that rigorously assess performance and flag any potential operational issues. If you have team members new to User Acceptance Testing, we can get them up to speed, teaching them how to write effective scripts and make the most of their testing activities. 

At Prime Horizon Group, we are not just proficient in automated testing for Blue Yonder WMS; we are passionate about it. As official resellers and partners of Cycle Labs, we are well-positioned to show you first hand the benefits of moving your testing over to an automated platform. 

Switching to automated testing is not just about cutting corners; it is about enhancing your ROI and making measurable improvements in both speed and quality. 

Taking Results To The Warehouse

Who are Cycle Labs? 

Your comprehensive testing solution designed for simplicity. Unlike many automated testing solutions that necessitate multiple applications and interfaces for stress-testing and validating a range of systems, Cycle Labs is crafted for all-encompassing testing, encompassing all your systems within a single, user-friendly platform. 

Kick Start Your Project With A Smooth Go Live

If you want to ensure a smooth go live, prevent future issues and reduce unnecessary expenses get in touch with the Prime Horizon Group experts and find out how an automated testing strategy can help your company!  

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