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Bridging Efficiency and Innovation in Warehouse Management 

We specialise in developing bespoke solutions that are based on microservices architecture to enhance and seamlessly integrate with your warehouse management system. We are commitment to deliver software that not only complements your current systems but also propels your warehouse operations into the future allowing you to adapt to industry changes and continue to evolve for years to come. 

Software Development Helps Up To


Reduction of infrastructure costs


Reduction in time to market


Reduction in dev costs

Figures provided by partners and industry tools. You may have different results.

Upgrade easily and Reduce long term costs

Custom-tailored microservices allow you to keep your WMS solution design as close to standard product capabilities as possible, while moving challenging and business-specific requirements to a separate application layer, which is cheaper to run in comparison with WMS modification. Staying close to standard product structure enables you to upgrade your WMS solution easily and more frequently. This allows you to take advantage of the latest functionality and all product advancements. Finally, staying close to the latest product version allows you to keep your WMS support costs stable. 

Why Choose PHG for Your WMS Enhancement?

Tailored Development Approach:

We understand that every warehouse has unique challenges and requirements. Our team of highly skilled developers work closely with you to create software that is tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit with your current WMS.

SaaS model 

Our solutions are offered on a SaaS model resulting in modular approach to development. With a SaaS model you sacrifice a large upfront cost for a lower monthly fee and instead of getting software delivered on a specific date you instead get a constantly developing software with regular releases following a roadmap. This means the solution is not set and can change as your warehouse needs do. 

Advanced Integration Capabilities:

Software solutions designed to integrate smoothly with your existing WMS, enhancing its functionality without disrupting your current workflows. This seamless integration ensures that you can leverage new features and efficiencies without the need for extensive system overhauls helping you save money. 

Real-Time Data Analysis and Reporting:

Stay ahead with our advanced data analytics capabilities. Our software provides real-time insights into your warehouse operations, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that optimise inventory management, streamline processes, and reduce operational costs. 

User-Friendly Interfaces:

We believe in simplicity and efficiency. Our developments boast intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate, helping your team to adapt quickly and focus on what they do best – managing your warehouse effectively. 

Continuous Support and Maintenance:

Due to our solutions being SaaS based, our relationship with you does not end with deployment. We offer around the clock support and maintenance, ensuring that your software continues to operate at peak performance and evolves with your business needs. 

WMS Applications used by staff

The Importance of WMS Applications 

Applications are integral tools in the modern logistics and supply chain industry, providing critical support in managing various aspects of warehouse operations. They range from fundamental applications that handle basic tasks to sophisticated, integrated systems designed for comprehensive management of large-scale logistics operations 

Microservices Approach

PHG develop using a microservice architecture and an agile approach. This means we break down the requirements into its smallest components and release individual microservices to fix the problems. This means you're not developing a monolithic application which is released on a specific date, instead you fix problems individually and release that microservice when it is ready, which allows software to be continuously developed and deployed 


By adopting this approach, it also means that each microservice can be scaled accordingly, for example if a service is running slow you can scale the resources up for that microservice only, rather than upgrading the resources for your entire app 


In life you break down your big problems into small ones, so why would you trat software development any differently 

Warehouse Team

Benefits of a diverse WMS

A diverse array of Warehouse Management System applications can significantly boost warehouse operations. You will see enhanced efficiency, while ensuring a stable and adaptable platform that will match your demands and growth. This variety not only reduces errors but also allows for seamless integration with other systems, offering critical insights for strategic decisions. The capacity to embrace new technologies and support sustainable practices positions a varied WMS suite as a key asset in managing contemporary warehouse environments. 

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Ready to enhance your warehouse management? Contact PHG today to explore how our software solutions can bring efficiency, accuracy, and innovation to your operations. Let us build the future of warehouse management together. 

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