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Supply Chain Recruitment Meetings

Supply Chain Recruitment

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At Prime Horizon Group, we understand the importance of securing exceptional talent to spearhead your supply chain operations. Our dedication to delivering exemplary supply chain recruitment sets us apart, making us the go-to choice for businesses seeking expertise in this domain. 

Why Prime Horizon Group Stands Apart in Supply Chain Recruitment

In-Depth Industry Expertise:

Our extensive background in the Supply Chain and Logistics sectors translates into a profound understanding of your unique requirements. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to source and place the finest talent, ensuring your recruitment objectives are met with precision. 

Blue Yonder Consulting Partnership:

Our collaboration with Blue Yonder, a leader in global supply chain and omnichannel commerce solutions, grants us exclusive access to a broad network of outstanding professionals. Accredited by Blue Yonder, our in-house experts are poised to deliver unparalleled talent for your organisation. 

Bespoke Recruitment Solutions:

We believe in a tailored approach, dedicating time to understand your company's ethos, aspirations, and needs. This enables us to match you with individuals who are not only skilled but are also in tune with your business's strategic direction, ensuring fluid integration into your existing teams. 

Demonstrated Expertise:

Our supply chain recruitment specialists, with their extensive knowledge in Warehouse Management Systems and supply chain management, are adept at evaluating candidate competencies, ensuring they align with your stringent standards. 

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Fostering High-Calibre Teams for Operational Superiority

Engaging with Prime Horizon Group extends beyond mere recruitment. We position ourselves as your strategic partner, combining industry insights, a robust talent network, and a steadfast commitment to your success. Our focus is on empowering your business with a team that not only meets but surpasses your operational objectives, thus fostering excellence and yielding impactful results. 

Diverse Recruitment

Specialising in a range of key recruitment areas vital to supply chain success. We offer expertise in technical resources, testing, and project management, ensuring your operations are supported by skilled professionals. Additionally, our focus extends to operational, managerial, and executive recruitment, aligning your leadership needs with the best in the field. Our comprehensive approach ensures we meet every aspect of your supply chain recruitment requirements. 

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Connect with Us

To transform your supply chain team with industry-leading talent, please reach out to us at or complete our contact us form. Let's build a partnership that shapes the future of your business and puts you in the position to expand. 

Industry Articles

Sally Walker

Senior Project Manager

“I’ve worked with PHG on WMS projects and have always found their expertise and knowledge both technical and operational second to none. Working collaboratively, engaging key stakeholders and honest communication to ensure a successful project outcome.”

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