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Automated Testing

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Smooth Go Lives & Benefits of Testing

Smooth go lives are a result of robust, comprehensive testing. PHG can assist with all aspects of your testing programme from the creation of the initial test strategy document through to a fully managed service

Testing With PHG

PHG have highly skilled test managers and test analysts available to support all of your testing needs. Unit testing, System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Performance Testing are all areas that PHG are leaders in

Our skilled test analysts can interpret requirements and create test scripts. They can also lead and coach novice testers from the operation working on their first UAT assignment on how to write scripts and to test effectively

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Partnered With Cycle Labs

PHG are leaders in using test automation software with BY WMS. As appointed resellers and partners of Cycle Labs test automation software PHG can show you the benefits of moving your project on to a test automation platform, bringing you increased return on investment as well as improvements in time and quality

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Contact Us

If you want to ensure a smooth go live, prevent future issues and reduce unnecessary expenses get in touch with the Prime Horizon Group experts and find out how the combination of Cycle Labs and PHG can help your company!  

Industry Articles

Sally Walker

Senior Project Manager

“I’ve worked with PHG on WMS projects and have always found their expertise and knowledge both technical and operational second to none. Working collaboratively, engaging key stakeholders and honest communication to ensure a successful project outcome.”

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