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How to win support for a WMS implementation

win support for a WMS implementation

As a warehouse/logistics manager, you know a WMS will be a gamechanger for your operation. But maybe you’re struggling to convince others. Especially your team. After all, in the age of AI and automation, any talk of your warehouse operation implementing a WMS might worry your workforce.

Why? They might think they are being replaced. More warehouse workers fear for their job security than ever before, according to Reuters.

👷‍♂️ That’s despite warehouse workers being in high demand and organisations having to pay up to 30% more to recruit staff amid shortages.

To win support for a WMS implementation project from key stakeholders, and your warehouse team, here are 10 things you can do to convince people it's a good idea.

10 ways to win support for a WMS implementation

1 - Set clear objectives

The why? what? and how? are all important to stakeholders and your team. You should have a clear plan as to how a WMS implementation aligns with your company's overall goals. Plus, you need to be able to show your team how and why WMS software will make their job easier and more enjoyable 👍

2 - Have a comms strategy

Create a comms strategy for stakeholders and your team. This will help you to keep everyone updated on progress. You can address any concerns or challenges head on, which builds trust and transparency. If everyone knows what's happening, the more they feel included, making them more likely to get on board with your WMS implementation plans.

3 - Show the ROI potential

For some stakeholders it's numbers that will win them over. You should put some time into an ROI analysis showing the potential cost savings, productivity gains, and revenue increases that a WMS brings. Use real-world examples of case studies to backup your analysis and to demonstrate the value of a WMS to your business.

4 - Try pilot programs

Think about trialling specific WMS functions in specific areas of your warehouse. This allows your team and stakeholders to see for themselves the positive impact of a WMS on a smaller scale before full deployment. Plus, it's a great way to ease your team into using WMS software.

5 - Train and educate your warehouse team

To add another layer of reassurance, invest in training and support for your warehouse team. Giving your team the opportunity to experience the user-friendly interface of a WMS, and providing them with adequate training, will serve to build their confidence to use the new technology.

6 - Involve key departments

One of the pitfalls WMS implementation projects fall into is putting people's backs up who feel they should have been involved. Launching WMS software will affect several areas of your business including:

  • The operations department 

  • IT

  • Finance

There might even be a few more. If you want to keep them on side, you need to get them involved and explain how a WMS can make their jobs easier, and improve collaboration across all departments.

7 - Have a risk mitigation plan

Have a solid risk mitigation plan to tackle any potential challenges. This shows that you are fully prepared for any problems that may arise. A risk mitigation strategy will give stakeholders peace of mind.

8 - Involve your team

Nothing will cause WMS implementation pushback like ignoring your team. Get them involved in the process. Why? Because they will be the ones on the frontline using your WMS. Get their input on how they think a WMS can be integrated and which functions will help with your day-to-day operations.

This will give your team a sense of ownership, and they will be more likely to back a WMS implementation project. 

9 - Make continuous improvement clear

A WMS solution is much more than a one hit wonder, it's a tool for continuous improvement. Make it clear that a WMS can help to scale your business and offers greater flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

10 - Benchmarking and industry best practices 

Nothing inspires confidence in a WMS solution like showing stakeholders the benefits in a real-world scenario. Illustrate how successful your competitors or other businesses have been when implementing a WMS. This adds more credibility to your case for WMS implementation. 

How you make your case is key

Winning support for your WMS implementation project takes a combination of clear communication, driving home the benefits, and getting your key stakeholders involved. Plus, it's ok to ask for backup from people who see your vision.

Want extra backup to win support for your WMS implementation project?

Selecting, implementing, and maintaining a WMS can be daunting without support. Prime Horizon Group is an official Blue Yonder WMS implementation specialist. 

With consultants based in the UK, Europe and APAC, we can support you through the entire WMS implementation project cycle and beyond. We'll even talk to your key stakeholders to whip up support for your WMS project 🙂

With 24-hour support, testing services, project management and WMS training, we provide everything you need to make your case for a WMS solution, and ensure that your WMS implementation is a success. To tap into the power of a Blue Yonder WMS, speak to one of our experts today!

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