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At PHG, we are leading the charge in the evolution of warehouse robotics within the supply chain sector. Our innovative warehouse robotics solutions are redefining operations, offering unmatched efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We use an ‘Automation First mindset’ with a practical and iterative approach to introduce robotics into both back office and on the warehouse floor. 

Why Use Robotics?


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Understanding Warehouse Robotics 

Utilising trial licences in back-office robotics, coupled with operational expenditure (OPEX) and leasing models for physical robotics, can greatly reduce your initial outlay. This strategy facilitates a swifter adoption of robotics, circumventing the usual financial and logistical obstacles that have traditionally impeded robotic integration. 

Affordable Technology:

The era of costly warehouse robotics is a thing of the past. Our solutions offer substantial return on investment, helping you make not only a safe but highly beneficial decision.  Our Return-on-Investment tools and business case experience that allow us to show the investment overhead and ensure Total cost of ownership is known before embarking. 

Flexibility and Dependability:

Our solutions are tailored for the dynamic requirements of day-to-day warehouse operations. Sea trials and thoroughly tested implementations ensure robotics are suitable for their intended purpose and complimented with appropriate support models to ensure fit for use and fit for purpose long term durability. 

Enhanced Productivity:

By implementing warehouse robotics you will see an increase in efficiency, accuracy, and error-free operations, boosting overall productivity and streamlining even the most complex processes. Combined with a LEAN engineering approach we ensure a flaky manual operation is not replaced with an error prone robotics solution, ensuring ‘uglies’ are dealt with as much as ‘happy’ path.  

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Future-Proofing Your Business 

Warehouse robotics are not just about addressing current operational challenges; they are a key factor in future-proofing your business. These technologies evolve with market trends, ensuring your business remains competitive and adaptable. The strategic adoption of robotics reduces long-term operational costs, making your business more sustainable and resilient. 

How PHG is Leading the Change with Robotics

Starting small is a key approach to robotics. This strategy allows for the validation of solutions in real-world scenarios and facilitates the gradual improvement of these solutions in key high-value areas. Our partners bring a rich collection of case studies from their existing deployments, providing tangible evidence of the advantages and the adjustments required for the effective integration of robotics. 

In-Depth Industry Insight:

We utilise our extensive knowledge and partnerships in operations and technology to guide customers through their entire journey, from initial adoption to sophisticated usage and post implementation support. 

Tailor-Made Solutions:

Our solutions are customised to meet the unique operational needs of your warehouse, enhancing both floor operations and back-office functions. 

Accelerators for Rapid ROI:

Our accelerators provide clear, measurable returns on investment. They minimise capital investment and maximise operational efficiency, making the adoption of robotics more accessible. 

World-Class Technology Implementation:

Transforming your operations swiftly and effectively with the implementation of advanced robotics globally recognised by companies of all sizes. 

Warehouse Robotics used by staff

Step into the Future of Warehouse Management Today 

Embrace the innovation that PHG's advanced warehouse robotics solutions offer. Contact us to discover how our expertise can revolutionise your warehouse operations and position your business as a leader in warehouse robotics and technological advancement in the UK and beyond. 

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