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Leading Project Management and Business Analysis Professionals

Tackle Your Supply chain and Warehousing Challenges with our Project Management and Business Analysis.

At Prime Horizon Group, we recognise the complexities inherent in Supply chain and warehousing project management and workflow analysis.  

Our project management professionals are equipped to handle all aspects of organisation, coordination, issue management and progress communication by offering expert solutions that streamline your operations, enhance coordination, and easily adapt to market shifts. 

Our Business analysts integrate with your teams to understand current AS IS workflow, decision points, hand offs and dependencies, clearly capturing issues and gathering requirements for change and iteration.  

Benefits Of A Project Manager


Of Projects Meet Their Original Goals


More Likely to Succeed


Less Money Wasted

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Organising Complex Projects with Expertise 

Struggling with disorganised warehousing projects? Our project management professionals specialise in bringing order to complex situations. We implement strategic approaches that transform chaotic processes into well-organised, efficient operations, to help enhance the overall organisation of your projects. 

Warehouse Project Management Team Working Together

Seamless Operations Through Expert Coordination

Project management professionals that excel in solving team coordination challenges. We provide strategies that foster the core elements of team synergy, helping to ensure all aspects of your project are harmoniously aligned and executed to perfection. Our expertise guarantees a cohesive environment that leads to successful project completion. 

Why Choose Prime Horizon Group

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand the unique and delicate aspects of warehousing project management and provide customised solutions that match your company’s KPIs, ethics & ambitions to effectively address challenges and overcome them.

  • Expert Guidance: By creating a team of project management professionals with multiple years of hands-on experience we can bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to your team, allowing us to collaborate with you to navigate even the most complex projects.  

  • End-to-End Support: From the initial planning stage to final execution, our professionals are dedicated to ensuring the success of your project. We also provide 24/7 support even when the project has finished so you can work with ease knowing any potential issues can be resolved quickly.  

Warehouse Management Work With Project Managers

Proactive Issue Management for Consistent Progress 

Encounter fewer roadblocks with proactive issue management. Our project management professionals adopt an authoritative approach to foresee and resolve unwanted issues and roadblocks, which helps maintain the momentum of your project, ensuring uninterrupted progress and successful completion. 

Elevate Your Project with Prime Horizon Group

Opt for Prime Horizon Group when seeking project management professionals for your warehousing needs. Let our expertise in project management and business analysis drive your projects towards efficiency and excellence. 

Industry Articles

Sally Walker

Senior Project Manager

“I’ve worked with PHG on WMS projects and have always found their expertise and knowledge both technical and operational second to none. Working collaboratively, engaging key stakeholders and honest communication to ensure a successful project outcome.”

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